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Privacy Policy

The joint-stock company Melon Fashion Group is registered in Russia at 10th Krasnoarmeyskaya street 22, 190103, St Petersburg, hereinafter it will be referred to as MFG.

Security of your personal data is a priority of MFG.

This policy provides you with the following information:

  • Who controls your personal data
  • Where your personal data are stored
  • How we use your personal data
  • What personal data are collected
  • How we secure your confidentiality
  • Your lawful rights to your personal data
  • Information on cookie files
  • Who is specialist on information protection
  • Updating the privacy policy.

Who controls your personal data

MFG controls the data that you present to the company and bears responsibility for these in accordance with the effective law on protection of personal data.

Where your personal data are stored

The data that we receive from you are kept in the Russian Center of data processing. The data are not transferred abroad, nor processed beyond Russian borders.

How we use your personal data

MFG uses your personal data for:

  • Your registration/ authorization on the site
  • You to receive news
  • You to receive information about products
  • You to be informed about events, services, contests and advertising campaigns
  • Making purchases
  • Emails informing you about special actions, discounts and offers
  • You to participate anonymously in surveys and statistics research.

You can refuse from advertising messages at any time by:

Or sending a letter to our postal address: Melon Fashion Group, 10th Krasnoarmeyskaya street 22, 190103, St Petersburg, Russia.

What personal data we collect

MFG is entitled to ask your name, date of birth, telephone number, email address as well as any other information provided at your own wish and discretion.

Apart from this, we collect some data from your PC, telephone, i-pad or any other device that you use to access our services: it can be the IP address, MAC address, ID address, IMEI, MEID, information from cookies, information on the browser, operational system, time of visiting the site, search requests, websites, location and relocation of your device.

Our sites are not meant for children, and we do not collect data concerning children.

How we secure your confidentiality

MFG takes all managerial and technological measures to protect your personal data from unlawful or accidental access to them.

Such measures include internal check of collecting, processing and storing and ciphering processes as well as of physical security of the data so that there is no unauthorized access to systems with your personal information.

Additionally, we recommend that you should take the following measures to increase security of your personal data in general, not only in respect of MFG:

  • Do not disclose your password. Remember that the one who knows your password can access your account
  • When you make a password, use no less than eight symbols. Do not use your name, email or other personal data which is easy to get. We also recommend to change the password quite often.
  • Don’t use one and the same password for several accounts.

Your lawful rights to your personal data

You are entitled to:

  • Request a copy of your personal data that we keep
  • Demand that we should delete your personal data when our right to keep them expires
  • Ask to update or correct the outdated or incorrect information
  • Refuse from your personal data being used with the purpose of direct marketing
  • Restrict processing of your personal data.

If you want to use any of the above-listed rights, please contact us by:

  • Sending an email to ib@melonfashion.com
  • Sending a letter to our postal address: Melon Fashion Group, 10th Krasnoarmeyskaya street 22, 190103, St Petersburg, Russia.

Cookie files

1. What is a cookie file?

Сookie file is a small text file that is posted on your PC, telephone or any other gadget by a website. There is information about your navigation on this website. Cookie files are necessary for your convenient navigation, they are harmless.

As per this policy, cookie files of general purpose are used to store the information on this particular site. “Local storages” of the web browser are used for the same purpose. Thus, all the information herein refers also to “local storages”.

2. What are cookie files used for on this site?

Сookie files are an important part of the functioning website. The main purpose of ours is your improved navigation. For instance, cookie files allow us to identify you (in case you are registered on our site), to remember your data (country, language, etc.) during your navigation and for further visits.

This information is collected in cookie files, thus allowing us to improve the website by assessment of the quality and quantity of patterns used, to adapt it to personal interests of users, to speed up the search and many other things.

Who uses the information from cookie files?

Information kept by the cookie files on our website can be used only by us and GoogleAnalytics, a Google service, for statistics purposes.

3. How long do we keep cookie files?

We can use cookie files of two different types on our websites:

  • One-visit cookie files, they are temporary and are kept until you quit our website
  • Interminable cookie files which remain on your gadget for a much longer period of time or until you remove them manually (“longevity” of cookies depends on their individual characteristics and settings of your browser).

4. Can cookie files be deactivated?

Deactivation is possible. However, if you choose such configuration, you may have no access to some parts of our website, navigation may become less efficient and you may lose some of your services.

If you decide to block or delete cookies, you can do it by changing the configuration of your browser. If you open “HELP” on the menu, you will learn more about configuration of your cookies.

Specialist on information protection

MFG has appointed a person responsible for security of your personal data and compliance with the related law.

Please, contact our specialist by:

Updating the privacy policy

If we have to update our privacy policy, the most recent one will be always available on our website.